Why Did Dinosaurs Go Extinct?


  1. Extinction is caused when DNA (Our Genetic Code of Life) degrades and loses information. When information is lost it causes functions in the body not to work at all, like a lung, or a brain cell, etc. DNA is always getting worse and worse. One day humans could even go extinct!
  2. The Global Flood wiped out many many dinosaurs. This could be the greatest cause.

What Scientists Said:

ANSWER 1 “We do observe that other life forms also have gone extinct. Many are in the process of going 391px-Joseph_mastropaoloextinct. For example, humans are in the process of going extinct. The forecast is that we shall be extinct by 2090.”

Joseph A. Mastropaolo has a B.S., M.S., Ph.D. in kinesiology and a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in human physiology. As Aerospace Physiologist for Douglas Space Systems, he published two monographs on life in space, one for humans and one for experimental animals. He taught bio-mechanics and physiology at California State University, Long Beach for 26 years and was the physiologist for the Gossamer Condor and Albatross human powered flight projects which earned a medal in physiology from the Royal Aeronautical Society for the Kremer cross channel challenge.

Dr. Mastropaolo has a long-standing $10,000 challenge to any evolutionist that can prove in court that evolution is science and creation is religion. Consult his website for more information about the challenge.

ANSWER 2 “The Flood of Gen 6 – 9 is the best Frank_Sherwinexplanation. We find billions of creatures buried in sedimentary rock layers that one would expect from a /wide Flood (‘catastrophe’). Even the secular scientists admit there was a massive catastrophic event in the past – so they agree with the biblical account (wi/o meaning to, of course)!

LONDON (Reuters) –  “A giant asteroid smashing into Earth is the only plausible explanation for the extinction of the dinosaurs, a global scientific team said on Thursday,

hoping to settle a row that has divided experts for decades.”  – Kate Kelland, Mar 4, 2010.

flood model

These 3 secular authors talk about the dino extinction taking about a year!!”

Frank Sherwin is a staff scientist, speaker, and prolific author for the Institute for Creation Research in Dallas. He was born and raised in a non-Christian home, and received Christ while in Vietnam in 1971. After his discharge from the Navy, he earned a B.A. in Biology from Western State College in Colorado and became an EMT/firefighter in northern Colorado. He later earned an M.A. in Zoology from the University of Northern Colorado, specialized in parasitology, during which time he discovered a new species of parasite.

Before joining the ICR staff, Frank taught human physiology & anatomy, medical microbiology, parasitology, general biology, and cell biology for nine years at Pensacola Christian College. Sherwin’s current goals are to continue to publish creation science articles, books and research. His current projects include authoring the ‘origins’ and ‘plant science’ sections of a college-level biology text written from a creation science perspective.

Frank Sherwin is the winner of the 2004 San Diego Christian Writers Guild Award for Excellence in Educational Writing for his book, The Ocean Book. In addition to The Ocean Book, Sherwin has published his scientific research in the Journal of Parasitology and has written numerous monthly articles for the Institute for Creation Research. He has co-authored creation science articles and several books including, Evolution Shot Full of Holes and The Human Body: An Intelligent Design.