If Evolution Is True We Came From Apes Why Are There Still Apes?

Why Are There Still Apes?

This is a great question that children want to ask all the time. It makes sense to them to ask:

“Okay if scientists are saying we came from apes, and monkeys why do we still have monkeys?”

Well one thing we must understand is that scientists are saying that we came from monkeys but….

“Did we evolve from monkeys? Humans did not evolve from monkeys. Humans are more closely related to modern apes “


When evolutionists say that we evolved from apes they are not talking about the “Apes” or “monkeys” that we see today but rather the “Extinct” apelike creatures they believe once existed.

Let’s look into this further.

So they are not saying that we evolved straight from this: ——————–>



Or that we evolved straight from this!

No no no! That’s not what scientists are saying at all!



So What Are Scientists Telling Us?


There are still apes under evolutionary beliefs because evolutionists don’t believe we evolved from apes, but rather that both humans and apes came from an extinct common ancestor that was half-ape and half-human.

So the argument is not a good one BUT!

What we should be doing is looking into their claims about the so-called “Extinct” apes.

Many instances the fossils they find are so few and lacking the fossil evidences they need, in to determine what it is, or, they are trying to distort 100% Ape fossils or 100% human fossils to look like an “Extinct” apelike creature.

You can’t determine that you evolved from something if you don’t have enough fossil evidence to prove that there was extinct apes to begin with and many of these supposed “Extinct Ape” fossils were frauds or “touched up” by scientists to look possible.

The problem is, they do not know what this creature was. That’s why it’s called the “missing link”. They have tried to claim several fossils as this missing link, but upon closer investigation, none of them qualify. Some, like Piltdown Man (artificially stained and filed) are outright frauds. Some are creatures that were badly misidentified, like Nebraska Man (pig tooth) or Orce Man (donkey bone). Others turned out to be a mixture of human bones with ape bones (Zinjanthropus, Ramidus Kadabba, homo Naledi). Several were determined to be either pure human (Neanderthal) or pure ape (“Lucy”, homo Rudolphenses) after closer study.

The missing link is still missing. Those of us who believe the Bible, the word of God, expected that because the Bible tells us that apes and men were created separately and man didn’t evolve from apes, half-apes, or anything else. The science and actual observation agree with the Bible and disagree with the theory of evolution.