Skits and Plays

Skits and Plays

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Meet Kyle Hornsey From Australia!

Kyle lives in Australia and he has a love for children and reaching them with the truth of God’s Word and creation science! He has provided the following Bible based scripts for kids in a narrative fashion. 

Worded like it would happen in kids’ style, Kyle has worked on paraphrasing the happenings from the Bible to make it fun for the children to reinact!



  1. Angels Visit The Shepherds
  2. Bad To Worse
  3. David & Goliath
  4. Easter
  5. Gideon
  6. God In Charge
  7. God Saves A Baby
  8. He Is Risen
  9. Jesus Accepts Us
  10. Jesus Lives
  11. Lazarus=Hopeless
  12. Life’s Tough
  13. Moses Reluctant Leader
  14. Mouths of Lions
  15. Samuel Listens
  16. Starting Again
  17. The Best Dad
  18. What A Change
  19. Who Is This Man
  20. Willing To Tell
  21. Wise Men