There’s no problem believing that something created everything from nothing, but rather there is a problem believing that nothing created everything!

We were recently asked what are the scientific laws against evolution?

Or put a simpler way, do the laws of nature that we observe keep evolution from happening or being possible?

The answer is a resounding YES!

You won’t read this everywhere online, but here it is the very truth of the matter:


The First Law of Thermodynamics:

It is a BIG WORD!

The simple fact that the universe is even here is a very big problem for modern physics. Why do we say this? Because this first and foremost law is the simple fact that:

“Matter and energy can be neither created nor destroyed”

Yet the universe is full of both!

Atheists hold the position that “nothing” somehow turned into¬†“everything” And this violates this basic law.

Nothing cannot create anything and EVERYTHING has a beginning.

Even though the idea that everything started from somewhere or an “origination” (starting somewhere) is a Christian concept. Science agrees with this concept that all things had a beginning in time and did not always exist inside of nature.

Since God is outside of nature and all the physical things that we see and is eternal, he is outside of science, the world, the universe, and needs nothing to keep him going or to begin God. This is hard for some people to grasp that if God could be explained by science or was limited to scientific methods he would not be God then, he would only be matter just like the rest of us! But he is different. He is the only thing eternal.

There’s no problem believing that something created everything from nothing, but there is a problem believing that nothing created everything!

We need to understand that the first law, tells us that energy always is used, such as water force, or wind can generate electrical power. But the energy does not end. Nor did can it just “poof” begin from no cause at all. It cannot be created or destroyed by natural cause so God had to have started it all in the beginning because it could not have created

The Second Law of Thermodynamics:

The second law of thermodynamics is simply that the world’s heat, pressures, and stability are winding down.

Imagine the world like a spinning top spin and watch it slow down slow down to the point that it refuses to spin any longer. This world is going to get worse and worse and our “genes” cannot last forever because they are getting older with each generation to the point they don’t work like they should. This is called “mutations” and with each mutation it causes learning disabilities, physical illnesses, disease, and other complications to the point that at one time in the future nothing will be able to exist because our “genes” have wound down that they can no longer function.


The second law states that: every process results in a loss of usable energy. Hot always turns to cold, So if the earth were infinitely old, everything would be uniform and evenly dispersed. This would mean that we would not have oil pressure, intense heat at the core of the earth, volcanic activity. There would also be no hot springs of water. And temperature would have evenly dispersed.


To watch thermodynamics, all you have to do is watch old food mold, paint fade due to sunlight, or a plant die in the winter. Nothing can last forever so our world had to have had a beginning, can not be infinitely old and could not have made itself.

So it points to one thing. God had to have created it with a purpose and things are getting old, worn down and dying off because of the curse of Adam and Eve.

Just like a “thermos” keeps liquid hot, it fights the battle of the second law of thermodynamics. Without your thermos your hot chocolate would be cold!

Think of that as God being our spiritual thermos. He keeps us from getting cold-hearted and keeps our spirits warm and kind to others. That’s the biggest “Evidence” That God exists.

“By this shall ALL men know that ye are my disciples if ye have love one for another” Jesus said. So even Atheists will know you know Jesus by your warm love.