Parents Questions and Answers

What should parents know about that will ease their concerns?

Questions and Answers below:


Q. I am concerned about this site teaching my child: What should be my concerns here?

A. As with most scientists, they know A LOT! But sometimes they educate your children too much. Or shall we say: in areas that should be left up to you the parent! Or perhaps the content is a bit sensitive, or photos make you squirm when undressed “Neandertals” are shown on a screen...Our goal is to teach children about nature in the natural world, from animals, plants, and the micro world as decently and appropriately as you desire it to be!

No manner of explicit material in video or audio form is allowed on Kids Find Truth and all content is edited posted and approved by KFT.

No topics introduced are of any discoloration, as our desire is to learn science in a fresh pure simplistic way.


Q. Is this a Bible Club?

A. Not exactly, but a Theological section is available to those who desire one. Some Theological materials are referenced and used. All references are from the Authorized King James throughout.


Q. How can we trust your materials?

A. Our science content is approved by scientists. As new scientific discoveries are revealed and confirmed, we intend to keep you up to date as new information becomes available to update the materials.


Q. Is this site evolutionary? Young Earth? Old Earth? Gap theory? Christian? Or non-Christian!?

A. Our intention is to show both sides, the most important thing to us is that your child gets nothing but facts. And that evidence is carefully weighed out with all the above censoring out the “false sciences” and relying upon facts and evidences alone.

Evolution materials and Creation materials were carefully sought out and compared: with evidences weighed and diligently added to educate your child on the specific evidences that will steer your child in the right direction and prepare them to identify and compare the scientific information to the historical scientific claims found therein or in harmony with its teachings.


Q. May I contact you with any concerns?

A. Yes! Contact us with questions and concerns. Fill out the email form on the contact us page, or if it is a science question and the blog is available, make sure and log in, and submit your inquiry. We review the questions and forward them to the scientist that will be best suited for your question by scientific field of expertise. (Due to the massive tasks scientists have we cannot assure a rapid response, but we do hope we can solve the problem or question you might have.)


Q. How will this benefit my child?

A. It is important to us that your child understands from whence he came, where he is supposed to go, why he is here, and where the destiny ahead will lead. Your child's future,

and world views are very important and we take seriously the effect of a false science. We desire to help you equip, and aid your children in apologetics.:


Q “I am concerned about the music genre”

A. Although there are a couple exceptions for a little modernized materials, we favor orchestral cinematic genre, and easy to listen to music. We want your children to learn easily.


Q. What are the standards? I'm afraid of graphics it being a science club?”

A. We are just as concerned about what your child sees. All graphics have been edited to be child friendly even as strict a filter as making sure all men and women have tops on, and that no graphic scientific content is displayed.


Q. I do not agree with the content:

A. All content is not opinion but fact. Thus if you disagree, might we encourage to once again seek the scientist blog if you need clarification, or disagree with any facts presented.


Q. I do not want my child introduced to Christianity or Evolution.

A. Unfortunately that is something that will be taught whether at school or on the playground. Kids Find Truth is a place for children to learn, be guided while they learn, and tested to prove they have learned well. Both evolution and creation are addressed.


Q. What is the rating?

A.No ratings, however,  On small children videos they start with a: 6+ Text. Meaning simply that the content is very over simplistic. So they can have something fun too!


Q. What is your age group audience you are trying to reach!?

A. KIDS! Big kids, little kids, short, tall, skinny, fat, ANYONE who will enjoy the club, but mainly from 8-14 I would say. We have a few videos we hope to launch to teens as well.


Q. Is this stuff copyrighted?

A. Mostly YES! A lot of materials are not owned by KFT but are used by special permission of the producers authors and Publishers. No duplication, Replication, Copying, or adding to the site allowed. No downloading is permitted. All materials are under copyright by multiple organizations.


Q. May I copy free pdf downloads?

A. The Let Them Learn pdf, packets are available to print off and hand to friends for publicity to KFT, and also to help your friends learn cool stuff too! Just do not lay claim to the works provided to you on KFT.


Q. Where did all this content come from? And why isn't there more than I thought?

A. The Club is relatively new, so it is not completely finished. For more information. Please email us. However, all the content is donated for use, or under the fair-use law.


Q. Are there any external links my child can click that will send them to a site I don't want them on?

A. All links to sites are found on our attribution page to other organizations who donated content as we are not an affiliate or branch of the donors. There should be no problems concerning our website sending your child to a bad site.


Q. Is there another fun website available!?

A. Yes! We will let you know when one jumps up! For right now, please visit our Creation Audio Drama at Http://