Parent Zone

     Educating your child is something that we believe is in the parent's department! But good knowledge is hard to find. Our intention is to help aid the parent to advancing their child's education and to supply them with the essential information to pass on to their children. It is important that you have the answers for your child's questions when it comes to the area of Origin, Age and your world view. Feel free to check out the kids club, to browse the content, to take advantage of the ask a scientist blog, and to request answers you cannot find on our database. 

     All materials have been approved by FTM (Family Truth Ministries), and are very child friendly, and geared specifically for them to learn without unwanted influences.

     We hope this site will be a breath of fresh air and well needed to your family as we present the truth through scientific evidence that we see and observe all around us!



  • To present the truth to children by way of scientific evidence
  • To back up our content by scientists' own research, content, and approval to all the materials we provide.
  • To also provide a friendly, family oriented oasis for the searching parents and children that is fun and easy to navigate
  • To be able to have videos of epic learning experience with high resolution HD videos colorful creative, filled with sound, wonder and effects.
  • To provide a safe learning experience from false materials, inappropriate advertising, and users, etc.
  • To allow children the privilege of knowing what they could never have understood before and making it as clearly presented as possible from Ph. Ds.