Janessa Cooper the founder of Kids Find Truth will be teaching in person in Indianapolis Indiana!

Demo Videos in presentations:

I love Science and nature and I want to show your children things and teach what children are not likely to know! Such as the secret between the poison Macaws eat, to the delicate yet devilish tactics of the Nudibranch in the ocean!

There are lots of things to learn in the scientific world that will leave you in awe and I am really wanting you to come and dive into the depths of discover across the skies of secrecy and into the Mountains of Mystery!

me standing in front of fossil

Learn about where the earth came from amazing dinosaur discoveries, what we find in deep dark caves and the worlds largest bug! 

Join Janessa Cooper in Indianapolis if you are age 7-13 as Janessa will be teaching the kids club for the VERY FIRST TIME!

Don't miss the fun!

Register now to sign up and be present because we are also taking a trip to the CREATION MUSEUM! 



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Ages 7-13

lesson 1 vbs adventure book_000000

Saturday: 1:00-4:00 PM Astronomy

The amazing features of the cosmos, light sound and water and the secrets of God's creation!

Learn how God created not onlyzlight on day one but so much more in the secrets of science!


  • Big Bang Problems
  • The Authenticity of God's Word
  • Color Spectrum
  • Sound and Water
  • Acoustic Levitation
  • Our Amazing Sun
  • The Moon
  • Amazing Stars

Craft: Draw from memory Dinosaur Coloring pages

Game: Creation Mania (Jeopardy)

lesson 2 botany bugs adventure book_000000

Saturday 6:00-9:00 PM Botany and Bugs!

Want to know the world's largest bug or how amazing plants can communicate, are the world's greatest solar panels and can also provide amazing features to our earth?


  • Plants features
  • Giant Weta (Largest Bug)
  • African Centipede
  • Mantis and it's intelligent design
  • Bombardier Beetle Amazement
  • Largest Flower in the World
  • Silent Language of plants
  • Trees and their amazing properties

Games: Bug Bingo //Build The Butterfly

Photos professional photography of you and our Pyro Parrot showing up in person!


marine biology vbs adventure book_000000

Monday 7:00-9:00 PM Marine Biology

What is the most coolest thing about whales that goes against evolution? And what is in the darkest deepest depths that has bursts of lights and color? Dive with Smarty Shark (showing in person) into the deep bioluminescent wonders of the oceans!


  • Ocean how vast!
  • Nudibranchs defense of design
  • Mantis shrimp the pistol packer
  • The Wonder of the Archer fish and it's water bullets
  • Biouminescence: Smoking lanterns and lighted fins!
  • The Clown fish and Symbiotic relationships in the sea
  • and more!
  • The Strange Hoatzin (Bird)
  • Bird Features
  • The Scarlet Macaw's poison
  • Secret flight
  • Pilot Fish and Sharks what God expects from us

Games: Shark Attack! (NEWLY CREATED)

Pictures with Smarty Shark!

(Snacks and skit included in every night)

KFT badge 4 vbs handbook_000000

Tuesday 7:00-9:00 PM Biology:

Animals and man are so very important but did they evolve? And what are the evidences that say that animals and man are indeed different? What are some amazing facts about animals?


  • The Story of Eden
  • DNA the amazing secret information system
  • Random animals features and designs
  • Chimpanzee and man? Relatives? NO! 'Chimp'ossible!
  • Noah's Ark! Possible?
  • Origin of no doubles!
  • Pain, Guilt and feelings is this a good thing?
Lesson 5 paleontology and geology_000000

Wednesday 7:00-9:30 Paleontology and Geology

Learn about dinosaurs and the amazing rocks and features of our earth!

Game: Paleontology T Rex Drive!

Craft: Build a Bracelet or bookmark



  • Polonium Halos instant created of Granite
  • Folds of Rocks and the Grand Canyon How was it formed?
  • Geologic Column is it accurate?
  • Can we date rocks?
  • Naica Crystal's Mexico's secret palace
  • Diamonds tell all
  • Bee in the amber
  • Petrification and Fossilization (fast or slow?)
  • What happened to the dinosaurs?
  • Mummified Dinosaur!? Ankylosaurus
  • Feathered Dinosaurs?
  • Why death and suffering?



Snack and skits along with goodie bags and My Survival Guide to take home!

(Songs, Snacks and skits are also present with each session. Lessons will be presented in Powerpoint form as well as illustrations.)