Scientists are still trying to find a good scientific explanation for the origin of the moon! How did it get here? From what? And where did it come from!?

          George Darwin (Charles Darwin’s second born son of 10 children) thought that dense sinking matter increased the speed of the earth’s rotation so fast that it flew off a chunk from the Pacific Ocean Basin, and that chunk cooled down and became the moon.

          But given deeper research, And published in the Journal of Creation by Dr. Ron Samec  As an astronomer he observed the following problems:

The problem with this” He said: “is that the initial spin or angular momentum is not conserved in the present earth-moon system.”

          What he was saying that the earth speeding up is not observed! There is no proof this ever happened to cause the moon!

          So scientists tried again to explain it by saying that Earth’s gravitational pull somehow captured or sucked in a large object as it was passing by that would become the moon. But once again scientists are all mainly in agreement that this s not a good explanation either, and to that Dr. Samec said that capturing an object like that would be a rare event. He also told us that if this really did happen, it would have caused a slightly elliptical lunar orbit, not nearly the circular round one it actually has!

          So once again, a third idea: “Gas! Condensed in eddies which are swirling in a circular pattern to form the earth and its moon, but if that was the case, then the moon’s orbital plane, and the earth’s equator should coincide, But looking at this they find that they do not:

          Earth is tilted to 23.5 degrees relative to it’s orbital plane, and the moon’s orbit is only inclined to about five.


          Giant Impact Theory!

          4.5 Billion years ago, they say that our young earth collided with a planet that was about one or two times the mass of the planet Mars. Destroying both the planet that hit and the earth into mere rubble.

          A cloud of debris reformed into our modern ball of Earth and the moon: When the Apollo Astronauts brought back rocks that resembled the rocks we see on earth, it all seemed to match up…

          Looking closer at the collision through recent computer models of such a collision occurred, it would not have scrambled the debris enough for the rocks to even be similar to the ones on earth. Each planet of our solar system is made up of different compositions, or elements: So this imaginary planet would be no different.

          The materials the other planet had, can not be found so where was the other planet’s evidence?

          It may even be in your secular science book that they teach that it was due to the planetary collision theory that a fraction of that debris went into perfect orbit around the earth, and became what we know as the moon!

          It is true that the moon has an odd orbit, But newly discovered facts destroy the entire theory.

          One example is the ratios of rare titanium forms in the moon rocks. These were identical to those found on the Earth. This tells us that since

          Science journalist Daniel Clery wrote in Science:

As a result, researchers are now casting around for new explanations At a meeting at the Royal Society in London last month -the first devoted to moon formation in 15 years- experts reviewed the evidence. They ended the meeting in an even deeper impasse than before, as several proposed solutions to the moon puzzle were found wanting.”

          Now, according to one of the men who organized the meeting (David Stevenson), even he noticed that scientists needed to think upon the direction and find a story that scientifically fits.

          Do you ever wonder how the moon came to be? And why scientists cannot find a good scientific explanation? Could it be that the Bible’s account from over 4,000 years ago that said God created the moon and set it in the exact orbit he intended is really the truth? If so, then scientists will never truly find the origin of the moon without seeking the Biblical premise.


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