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On Purpose

Incredible Design!

Did you know that clocks have gears inside of them so they can tick and keep time? Here is a picture that shows the clock gears: Have you ever wanted to know where the idea for gears came from?

Anyone who created them would have had to be very smart!

The Greeks were the ones we thought invented 300 B.C. But it seems like something since creation has always had gears!

This means that everything did not just evolve by accident. It was not an oops. Everything even little bugs were made special by God!

Evolution is Impossible!

     The thing that has little gears is a little jumping bug!

     Biologists found this little bug has to little gears that help it's back legs jump evenly because he jumps so fast they have to jump exactly together to go up in the air!

     If the little bug did not jump the same on each little leg it could throw it to one side or another.

     These little gears are just like the gears that man have made. These gears were designed very special with curved grooves so that they do not wear down the gears as they scrape together.

     Researcher Gregory Sutton said that the insect evolved the gears but this cannot be because of two main reasons:

This photo is the actual gears of the insect! See how they are rounded on the ends of the lips so it moves around smoothly?

Watch closely as this little bug moves in slow motion. You can see the gears moving in this video from Cambridge University as they show us how this little bug jumps at 14 Miles Per Hour and takes of so quickly!

Professor Malcolm working with artists Elizabeth Hobbs and Emily Tracy and members of the community in the London borough of Hackney to produce the film 'Waterfolk'. Use of this video from YouTube from Cambridge University under the fair use law for educational purposes: from this video



  1. While evolving, it would never be able to jump anywhere without falling and hurting itself! It would not have survived!
  2. Gears shows purpose design by a smart person! It came from God!