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1. Anatomy

2. Biology

3. Astronomy

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5. Geology

6. Archaeology

7 Marine Biology

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10. Worldview

Fearfully wonderfully made:

is the human body and the amazing functions of the microscopic cell, the power of an atom, and the amazing features that you may not know about that totally refutes evolution.

A listen from nature's voice:

If you like animals of every shape color and size you will love learning about animals. The old school term was Zoology, but now we call it Biology or life science. Learn about the amazing features of animals in nature, and how they point us to the Creator in the most amazing ways.

The heavens declare!

The stars, moon, sun and space is not only screaming the amazing power and might of our Creator but also defy the idea that it all happened by random chance. Look at some beautiful images and go through the lessons and see how much you really know about space!

A plantation of goodness!:

What can be so awesome about plants? Did you know plants can signal each other? They have a heat and cold regulator? They can also decide when to open and close as well as sense danger? Plants are amazing and you can never learn too much about them!

What can rocks say?

Geology is more than simply rocks! Gems, precious stones, layers, fossilization, volcanoes, and much much more Geology is the main subject that screams out that God created all that we see today and that it is not as old as scientists think.

Ancient Discoveries!

Whether it's stone tablets, papyrus, bones, etchings, signet rings, or old ancient documents it is astounding how powerfully true the Bible ends up being based off the findings of archaeology!

Oceans of splendor!

Dive into the depths of wonder as we discover the amazing creatures of the sea and how God created them expressly different with gorgeous and various features to make us marvel!

Let's dig some facts!

Grab your tools! We're going to dig up some amazing facts about dinosaurs, bones, and fossils that you would not believe! Even Jellyfish can scream out the news of a global flood catastrophe in ways you had no idea!

Wonders without number!

Wait! Numbers can show that God created the world!? How is that possible? Learn about numbers in nature and how even mathematics shows us that the earth was created by Intelligent Design!

Prove it!

The Bible is the oldest, most trusted most reliable, and the ONLY written Word of God and the only point to Creation Worldview is in light of the truth of the Bible. Learn why the Bible is true in ways beyond a doubt! Truly it is not blind faith as man claim!

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