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Cool Science Fact Game!

With our theme being "factory" there is lots to do! And why learn facts when it isn't fun? go through unlocking the closet for the secret codes, checking the registry, making sure the crew is busy assembling, and recharging the large batteries, climbing the tower to look out for enemies, helping the solar and electrical problems, hooking up the new electrical system and checking the company's emails. The Fun Factory has a ton for us to do!


What Do The Gears Do?

The gears help along the way to give you instruction when you don't know what to do! All you have to do is click on them as you go to get the instructions. They also may open up new levels!

Inside The Factory Tour

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"Have you ever heard of Fun Facts?

Well we're about to present some cool facts in a way you have never seen with the Fun Factory! 

That's right! Don't strip a gear trying to remember all the facts. 

Just pull the lever and slide down the pipes and enjoy this cool area where all you do is click to find what you are looking for! 

Let's get started!"