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The cool thing about a solar eclipse is that the sun is about 400 times larger than the moon but yet 400 times further away so they appear the exact same size as they cross each other so cool!

If you are daring enough, there about 95% of the ocean has yet to be explored! Which means tons of new species to identify in the ocean!

Human and Chimp DNA are not as similar as scientists thought because they were reading the DNA code one way. They found you can read DNA backward, forward, and even as if you half a page and continue reading on the other side!

We cannot believe in the big bang because scientists start out with saying gases came together and gases never ever come together but expand outward like air freshener! One big problem!

Scientists once thought that mutations meant something could evolve into another creature but actually mutations are damages in the genetic code and would never ever make anything new. Mutations are either fatal or rarely noticeable at all.

Owl Does That Happen?

The owl is the most amazing bird not because he is more unique in looks than other birds but that he has silent flight!

His feathers are structured in such a way that differs from other bird feathers:

Normal bird feathers: crisp and straight edges:

The owl has a notch on one of its flight feathers. Both the notch and the fringe is what gives the owl noiseless flight.

So what do owls and computers have in common?


Technology engineers noticed the owl one day swoop down and grab its prey without warning and without noise. They were so thrilled that they could study the feathers of an owl and make quieter computer fans!

Imagine that these engineers were able to duplicate the feather pattern in the angle of the fan blades in order to make a quieter sound! They also look at the flight of the owl and it has also influenced how we manufacture airplanes! Birds truly are miraculous creatures!

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