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The Heavens Declare The Glory of God

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If you want to learn more about creation and the problems with evolution, David 's professional approach will help advance your knowledge concerning the issues of worldview,  cool features, science facts, and designs of our world. Most importantly, David Rives shows us the glorious wonders without number beyond our very own galaxy the Milky Way.

David has had a passion for creation and astronomy since he was a boy and began public speaking and travelling with his telescope. He wants to show others the fantastic lights of space as well as creating videos at the young age of 17 that point to the Creator's handiwork! David is a good example, showing us why it is important to be a voice in the dark world of lies and misconceptions. Our worldview matters because it not only effects our perspective on life, but also, ultimately effects our relationship with our Creator and spiritual destiny in eternity!

Listen to what David Rives has to say! He has amazing things to teach and for you to learn! Take his videos here and use them to educate yourself and for research to create your own videos!



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