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Grab your piggy bank and help fill it once a month to contribute to the outreach of Kids Find Truth into other places for free! You can donate it here and also give us your nature photos to help us make free documentaries for online, teaching curriculum that can also reach overseas! Help us to reach others! And find out how you can do even more!

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Your graphics are importance to us and we would love to use them in our materials, lessons and presentations.

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Add your vacation, nature, and animal footage to the video archive to appear in the curriculum!

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Donate to the cause! You can now be a part of the project and underwrite the project!

Accredited Professionals

The lessons and Materials will be taken from information provided and compiled from scientists and professionals from all over the world. You can trust the material to be updated and relevant to the latest scientific discoveries.

World Wide Collaboration!

People from all over the world are helping to create the best curriculum that has ever been released for free to people groups all over the world! Our vision is to create materials and receive help from all over the continents as we uncover the wonders of science to children!

Volunteer Translators!

Translators from all over the world are standing by to help on a lesson by lesson basis translating into their native language also capturing the cultural and graphical areas of the curriculum!

What Science Collaborative Central Does:

Invest in children's lives all over the world by learning how you can team up with us!

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Your funds will help send a teacher somewhere in the world the curriculum that they need in a poverty stricken country! Please help these children receive the truth in even the most truth abandoned areas of the world!

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