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A Monthly Ex"change"

Ever collected change in a jar for anything at all? We invite families in America to collect a change jar every month to support the Kids Find Truth outreach curriculum and videos so that we can send this material to third world countries!

We could never do all of this alone. And we want the families to be able to give their change to something that will bring a smile to children from the other side of the world!

Where Your Money Will Go:

This curriculum will not be easy to create and takes a large team of:

  • Scientists
  • Writers
  • Editors
  • Artists
  • Graphics
  • Translators

And many hours of long hard work with designers, and engineers. And many have laid things aside to make this happen! We need to bless these volunteers in some way, as well as use the money to send these materials all over the world! It will go into a special fund just for Kids Find Truth you can select this category when you donate to us.