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Make a difference in your world by vlogging cool lessons other children can learn recording object lessons, scientific discoveries, or other cool stuff concerning the Bible and Science! Go for it and get your family involved!

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See the videos by category! Are you very funny? Go for the comedy! Serious and yet creative? Go to the creative! Are you really good at illustrations and experiments? Do some for us! Let's go! Even if it's illusions! 1-2-3 Go for it!

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Put your best foot forward! Dress up and give it your best shot!



Upload and view your hilarious comedic videos that will make people roll in the floor! Whether it's jokes, play on words, expressions, or funny interactions with people, pets, or outdoors, let's laugh!

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Sing, Act, And use your talent for creation! Whether it's a fancy tap dance, or facial expressions just be you!

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Visual Art

Maybe you can draw, create your own animations, cartoon illustrations or creation comic! Go for it and tell your stories in a unique way!

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Do you have a funny hilarious personality? Hey! That's so cool! Tell a really neat story and be narrative, jump around and be hilarious! Use your pet, and think of ways to keep people laughing! If you're a natural comedian, go for it and make people laugh and appreciate God's creation while doing so! Dressing up into a character is cool too!

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Share life experiences! Are you going to a museum? A School outing? An area where you can share live on set? Go for it go into the woods and vlog away what you are thinking concerning God and the bible and his creation all around us!

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Video Interviews

It's time to go out on the street and ask people what they think about God and evolution. Do they believe in God? Do they believe they came from monkeys? Interview others and ask them about what they believe about the world around them and then share with us what you believe is important for people to know.

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Biblical Apologetics

The reason why you believe what you do with a cool science fact that reminds us that the Bible is true always and can be trusted.

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Put your best foot forward! Dress up and give it your best shot! Do you know a friend that is an atheist? Have a friendly debate and ask them questions like "How do you know that?" "What are you exactly saying?" "How do we knot it is true?" And "What is the evidence for that" and post!

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Q & A Videos

You ask children what their questions are regarding science and you seek the answer and post a video helping kids with their questions on the public wall.

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