Can DNA Be Changed?


“14 years old of my son tells me DNA can be change.  Technically it can be? I believe that God made each person as a unique. If scientist can do that i think it is against God.
These days my son watches the DC TV show and Marble movies. There are talking about many theology of Science. I think that my son was influenced  of that.. what should i do with those?”

FROM KIDS FIND TRUTH ADMINISTRATORS: “DNA does change, but it is not a good change. Normally when DNA has been corrupted or information has been scrambled or lost it causes major defects that usually ends the life of the animal or person due to complications. Remember that DNA mutations are defects and are not good for the animal or human suffering from it. As of right now, it is impossible for scientists to create additional properties to DNA to create any new form of life, recreate dinosaurs from simply organic DNA. Scientists have tried to recreate the extinct life of the dinosaur but just like Jurassic Park, it is fictional imagination, and cannot be done nor ever has been. Although the scientists claimed to have made life, they cheated and used inorganic materials or unnatural conditions and the “life” they claimed to have created did not “live” If scientists can learn to fix DNA that is degrading over time they could save a lot of extinct animals but they do not know how. In fact at the rate of human DNA degrading, we will be extinct as well in less than a century!”

ANSWER 1 Dr. Dan Biddle

Hi – wow; it is true that the movies like Marvel promote the religion of evolution. They put into the minds of kids that we are “still evolving” and changing into more advance people. This is deception. The truth is that we are actually de-volving – see this short video for an explanation:

ANSWER 2: Jay Auxt

“If the question is, “Can doctors/scientists change the DNA of an individual?”

The answer is, “No.”

They can mutate the DNA of particular cells but that only affects those cells.  Changing the DNA of the entire person is impossible.  The DNA is in every cell of the body!  There may be one exception.  Some people’s DNA clearly has “birth defects.”  In some (very rare cases) scientists believe they may be able to (eventually) “repair” that defect.”


ANSWER 3 Dr. Jay Wile:

“DNA can be changed.  Mutations occur regularly as we live, so a person’s DNA has more mutations in it the older that person gets.  In addition, scientists can edit DNA.  This has not yet been done in people, but it has been done in many plants to produce genetically modified crops, and it has been done experimentally in many animals.  It’s nothing like the DC and Marvel movies, but it does happen.” (Alterations may occur, but there is a limit)


ANSWER 4 Dr. Terry Hurlbut

“In fact, the kinds of changes the 14-year-old might have heard about, would be very difficult, and would not repeat not help the person already suffering from a genetic ailment. Nor do I hear anyone even talking about how such changes could solve some problems and create others.

But in fact, we have seen DNA changed in the very foods we eat. These “Genetically Modified Organisms” have earned the name Frankenfood, from Mary Shelley’s cautionary tale, Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus. I would encourage everyone to read that work, and discuss it for its chief message: some things are not to be trifled with! Don’t mess with the work of the Master!”