How many trees in the world?

Over three trillion trees grow in the world and all of them here on Earth!

Almost half of the trees live in tropical or subtropical forests. 

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Each Tree Is Unique!

      To every root, leaf, bark, and size no two trees are exactly alike!

Cute tree jokes kids find truth

The name of the world's sleepiest tree:


Why do trees hate riddles?

Because it's too easy to get stumped!

Why did the tree get stumped?

It couldn't get to the root of the problem!

What did the tree do when the bank closed?

It opened its own branch!

Why do Christmas trees have trouble sewing?

They can't stop dropping their needles!

How does a tree get on the internet?

They log on!

What's a tree's favorite subject in school?


What type of tree likes to give high fives?

A palm tree!

How can you identify a dogwood tree?

By its bark!



  Trees Are More Special Than You Think!

       Deciduous is a fancy word! It's a way for us to classify trees that lose their leaves from trees like the pine, and spruce. Trees that lose their leaves are very special indeed! 
          Have you ever looked up at a tree and thought to yourself: "Why are the branches so twisted and messed up? Why aren't they all straight? Why do limbs turn and go out and in and look so odd?"
          It's great to ask questions! This won't mean you will always get and answer because we don't know EVERYTHING but we do know this answer!
          Each type of tree, has it's own shape. Did you notice that? Each leave does too! And they are tiny miniature solar collectors. They bring in the sun, combine it with water and nutrients to make food for the tree.
         If the tree needs sunlight to survive, then it's important that each leaf on the tree does it's best to be out of the shade of other limbs and leaves so that it is in direct sun! The branches place the leaves in just the perfect position so they can get all the sunshine they can, and the leaves move around each other so provide each other enough sunlight and try to stay out of each other's way. Pretty neat huh?
         Each type of tree has different leaf shapes and sizes that help the branches arrange them in a way they can get a much sunlight as possible and in this light, it means that each shape of every tree is different! Without this very special feature, trees will die! God sure designed the tree's shape and order in such a very special way, and with the leaves knowing just what to do, that speaks of a HUGE design on purpose!
          And! When the tree is very thirsty have you noticed that the leaves turn up toward the sun flashing their undersides? This means they are trying to get to raindrops for the thirsty tree! Truly amazing isn't it?


What does the sun do?

          That's a good question! The sun on the leaves causes water to evaporate this creates a vacuum within the leaves' cells. Because water molecules like to "stick together" it pulls the water far up into the tree, like you drinking water from a straw! Water molecules have been tracked moving as fast as 25 miles per hour up through the trunk of a tree!
          Over 90% of the water which moves from the ground into the leaves is evaporated from the surface of the leaves. Only 2% of the water is used for photosynthesis. It is this great big amount of evaporation that gives the force to suck so much water out of the ground and carry it hundreds of feet into the air!
          A mall grove of trees can remove tons of water from the soil and releases it into the air each day and has been estimated that just one apple tree gives off 16,000 pounds of water to the air during growing season.
          Trees are like huge humidifiers! It's an amazing system that involved capillary flow, hydrogen bonding of water molecules, osmosis, and vacuum pressure! Trees are certainly God's way of humidifying the world. And all this happens in total silence! What a great example of how intelligent and amazing God's engineering capabilities are!

 Amazing food that grows!

       Perhaps you've never thought about how much food comes off of a tree! See these images below and see if you can guess what the tree is before you hover your mouse under the photo to reveal the type of food on the tree! See how much you can guess!