hand background_000000 hand-311105_640 How many bones? How many bones?

Of the 206 bones in the human skeleton, our hands contain 54 of those bones! And these bones work in the most amazing ways to give humans more use of their hands to grasp tools, and specific items.

Palm Bones

There are 5 bones in the palm which link to our ten digits.

Wrist Bones

There are 8 bones in the wrist. Called carpal bones. These 8 bones are in two rows of four. These rows are called the proximal and a distal row.

Wrist Bone Names
  1. Trapezoid,

  2. Trapezium,

  3. Scaphoid

  4. Capitate,

  5. Hamate,

  6. Pisiform,

  7. Triquetrum

  8. Lunate.


It’s incredible that we can move our hands and fingers in ways no other animal on earth can! Pick up your computer mouse and look at the bottom of it. Only you can turn your wrist and hand in that manner. No primate, monkey, ape or otherwise can do this!

What primates cannot do!

When you eat an apple consider how you hold it toward your mouth. See your wrist bend? Your hand turn? Primates cannot do this!

Impossible Changes

We did not evolve a longer thumb. Science shows we have always had a different thumb than primates.

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You are “thumb” body”!

      Every finger print is an original! No fingerprint is exactly the same making you very special. When you look at each of your fingers, you have defined creases that makes you one in a lifetime with that exact pattern!



       As scientists study the human thumb length through time, they admit that it has always been longer than any monkey, chimp, or gorilla, (primates) This is puzzling to them  because all primates’ thumbs are shorter and unable to do what our thumbs can.

          Evolution should be able provide evidence that over time, the thumb went from shorter to longer. But they do not observe this. They find that our human thumb has ALWAYS been this long and functioned the way it has with no changes at all.

          Evolution means change. This means that we HAVE TO change to prove that we evolved from a chimp like animal. But there is NO EVIDENCE of this. 

          Do you know what this means? This means that there is no PROOF of EVOLUTION but exactly the opposite. This means that our thumbs were DESIGNED differently than the primates and always has been different. So if we didn’t evolve, we are not related to them at all.

          We are different than all animals: which supports the Bible when it says that God made humans to be humans from the beginning.

          We were never animals in the past, and apelike creatures were not our relatives after all. This is very important to understand.

There are 27 Bones in the Human Hand

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