Big Bang Lego Script

Script Sample

Big Bang Lego Illustration:

Optional Script Guide:

  • Adult or older child: “Hey! Let's make a dinosaur!”
  • Child “Okay”
  • Adult “Ready? Hey wait I have a better idea! Let's do it evolution style! Let's stick the legos in this bag and shake them up! Do you want to?
  • Child response
  • Adult “Okay lets shake it and shake it and say 'dinosaur where are you!? Ready?”
  • Child and adult “Dinosaur where are you?”
  • Adult “Anddddd! Do you see it!??? (Child peeks in bag)
  • Child no
  • Adult “I'll do it harder ohhhh shake that dino dino....! Throw it on the ground “There! See it?
  • Child! No!
  • Adult “Why didn't it work!?”
  • Child response
  • Adult “The dino can't make itself can it!?
  • Child “No”
  • Adult “what do we have to do to make a dino?”
  • Child “Build it” (need this answer or one similar)
  • Adult “Yes! Nothing can build itself! So who made the dino?
  • Child: God!
  • Adult Yes The Bible says in Hebrews 3:4 “Every house in builded by some man; but he that built all things is God! So who made everything that we see?
  • Child “God!”
  • Adult “You mean it didn't evolve out of nothing?
  • Child “No!”
  • Adult “That's right! Let's remember this and share it with other kids too say bye bye!”