Age of The Solar System?

Reasons that many scientists think the earth is young from the field of Astronomy:


1. Galaxies wind themselves up too fast.

We live in the galaxy called the Milky Way, if

you have seen pictures of the Milky Way you

seen a spiral shape shown in the image here:

There are over 100 Billion stars in our galaxy alone. Not that we can count them all! These stars make up the spiral look of the Galaxy and they rotate with different speeds around the galactic center of the galaxy. The speeds that scientists observe, cause the stars to swirl tighter and tighter toward the center. So if they were millions of years old there would be no noticeable ‘arms’ to the galaxy at all. It should only be a round looking disc. This tells us it must be a young universe because you can still see the obvious spirals.

They say that our galaxy is supposed to be 10 billion years old if not more and scientists who believe that it is old call this “the winding-up dilemma.” Scientists try to explain it away but they can’t. They have even found a more detail spiral shape int eh Whirlpool galaxy M51.3 so we have a small issue if the universe is billions of years old how are these spirals so visible with the way that they are rotating? There really is no other plausible explanation than that the universe is younger than some scientists suppose.

2. Icy Comets Disintegrate Too Fast!

Secular scientists believe that comets are supposed to be 5 billion or so years old like the solar system yet every time that a comet orbits (circles) toward the sun it loses some of its icy self. There’s no way that it would last much longer than even 100 thousand years. . Many comets normally last about 10,000 years.

Evolutionists try to explain comets away by saying there is a cloud producing more comets called the Oort Cloud but never has anyone seen it happen nor can they even see the Oort Cloud at all or prove this. They also say hey maybe gravity from other stars knocked more comets into our solar system but also they cannot prove that assumption either.

There are other reasons you can read here but there is not a scientific explanation to account for how comets last for millions or billions of years. And there’s no other explanation that makes sense then that they are younger than some think.



3. Io’s Volcano Shows Young Universe:

Jupiter ‘s inner moon named Io has a volcano! In 1979, the Voyager space probe filmed a volcano erupting. This discovery amazed NASA scientists who believed that the solar system was billions of years old.

If the solar system truly was billions of years old, there would be no heat at all on the moon because the second law of thermodynamics states that heat always cools down, things decay, get old, wrap up, fall apart. There is no way heat would last for billions or even millions of years.

The shock was when there was more than one volcano and they found Io was bubbling with them! One volcano was actually recorded by the camera to have shot fire and brimstone over 100 miles into space!

Until this, scientists thought that Io would be about 5 billion years old, but there is no way now. They have scrambled to try to explain this but they certainly cannot.

Io is hot because it’s not old at all!