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Janessa Cooper - sea-79606     KidsFindTruth.com is an educational database website to help gear parents and children with the answers they need when it comes to science and nature!

     Brought to you by over 30 scientific organizations, Family Truth Ministries acknowledged a desperate need to reach children young and old with a solid science learning database program set up with badges, lessons, quizzes, games, audio dramas, educational videos and more for completely FREE!

     Due to the site's new birth, we anticipate slowly growing the site into sections specifically designed and ordered by scientific topic, field and compacted into simple lessons specifically made from a lot of scientist's materials.

     Subject matter included: Astronomy, Biology, Zoology, Marine Biology, Paleontology, Archeology, Geology, and more!

Presented to you by Family Truth Ministries (the creators of Coral Island Adventures Science Radio Drama.)



     Check out our features: “Ask A Scientists” Blog. Where children who sign up with their profile name and email may freely access a blog handled by scientists and men of degree in the field of specialty!

     Also, watch some video presentations on Science before we launch the club database and sign up your friends!

     Join our “Parent's Zone” as we release special PDF documents on questions parents might have and the answers they may print off and hand to others! Check out the “Kids Zone” as we place new content up for their easy access!



  • “Let Them Learn”  PDF pack,
  • “Learning the Basics” Corner of small Videos
  • “Battlefield of Worldviews” video kids debates
  • “Truth Moment” By Janessa Cooper and her animal friends Also some Science Interviews on “Truth to
  • Light”


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