Be The Voice

Our team is YOU! 

We want to spread the message all over the world that God made the world, we are special, there is design, and also incorporate some really awesome science facts all brought about by you!

Here soon since we are just beginning, we will have a new button called topics and scripts where you can pull content from our site and act it out however you like!

Let's make it fun and get your videos featured so everyone can see it!

How much do you know?

  • Make a fun science video,
  • Upload it here
  • And watch what happens after that!

Use that imagination to create your story!

We love talented people, we love funny people, we even love shy people because they are so still and are great holding the camera! And you can choose a category of video you want to create and upload that will fit your personality!

Don't know what device to use? You can visit our devices page to find out more!

Let's Create Videos!

Do you love to talk about cool facts about science and the truth of God or the Bible? Maybe you love dinosaurs, stars in the sky, bugs and beetles, plants, a walk in the woods or a close look into your nearby pond we want all the kids to see too!

Grab your camera or phone and let's begin recording some of that cool stuff!


What Do I Video?

It's easy use your imagination but if you need help we have a script and idea team waiting to help you with what you need all you have to do is contact them!

And if that's not exactly the way you work, hey check out our Fact Packs and Articles to find your own topic and begin recording!

It's a Cinch! Hit record and upload your short videos no longer than 3 minutes each.

We will: Place them on the KCC platform here on our website, feature them on our YouTube Channel, Facebook and everywhere where you can share to your friends once we put them up and also, we hope to include special prizes in the future to reward 1st 2nd and 3rd placements in the contest!

If we can all work together to build a platform we can reach more of our world this way!  In this way we can speak out about what we love most! Nature, pets and their special designs, what we observe in our universe, and how we can help other children all over the world to be better kids!

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Kids Creation Cinema wants to make you shine!

What Does KCC Do?

We offer more than just a video platform for you to submit videos!

  • Connect you with other kids' videos from all over the world
  • Encourage you to learn from one safe platform about God and Science!
  • Showcase your amazing videos
  • Boost your video outreach potential financially
  • Get help using your camera
  • Ask for scripts and illustrations for your amazing ideas
  • Access our gallery to use in your vids!
  • View our staff videos and feel free to imitate them!
  • Ask the team questions about your vids
  • Approve your vids' scientific accuracy.
  • Launching you out on all the social media platforms, and YouTube channels to help reach more people!
  • Provide the scientific facts to help you assemble your own scripts
  • Talk to our staff to help you with videos
  • Local Cinema Celebrities can help you and your friends produce for KCC!

About KCC

A very special place for children to download photos slides, graphics and more to create videos for science that will be uploaded on the Kids Creation Cinema dashboard! Win prizes as well as being featured in the Kids Science Hall of Fame!
Feel free to submit your video clips today!

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