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"There are over 100 Billion galaxies in the universe!"

"The word Universe is Latin for a Single Spoken Sentence"

The Kangaroo not only hops 4-6 feet per leap, but in a hurry

can hop as fast as 50 MPH to 30 ft per bound and travel over

150 miles to find water in the Outback!

The Octopus has about 240 suction cups on each of its

eight arms! nearly 2,000 suckers! And has control

when they stick and release!

The Jackson Chameleon can zap an insect with his long tongue,

have it in his mouth, and completely swallowed in less than one

second! Talk about FAST FOOD!

The Sun is 400 times larger than our moon, yet the moon is

400 times closer! Which gives a perfect lunar eclipse and

makes them appear the same in size.

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What Scientists Say

"...a great idea and one that is desperately needed."
-Dr. Jobe Martin-

" I rejoice over the ministry God is giving you!" -Dr. John Baumgardner-

"This is the most ambitious project to introduce children I've ever seen!"   -Cheri Fields with

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