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Age of The Solar System?

By CreationAdventurer | May 15, 2018

Reasons that many scientists think the earth is young from the field of Astronomy:   1. Galaxies wind themselves up too fast. We live in the galaxy called the Milky Way, if you have seen pictures of the Milky Way you seen a spiral shape shown in the image here: There are over 100 Billion…

If Evolution Is True We Came From Apes Why Are There Still Apes?

By CreationAdventurer | November 11, 2017

Why Are There Still Apes? This is a great question that children want to ask all the time. It makes sense to them to ask: “Okay if scientists are saying we came from apes, and monkeys why do we still have monkeys?” Well one thing we must understand is that scientists are saying that we…

Why Were People Older In The Bible Than Now?

By CreationAdventurer | June 7, 2017

FROM SAM: “Why were people in the Bible older than people are now?” ANSWER 1 Dr. John Baumgardner “Good question!  If we consider the human lifespans after the Flood, especially in Genesis chapter 11, we observe that they decreased dramatically from Noah (950 years, Genesis 9:29) to Abraham (175, Genesis 25:7) years.  Something significant obviously…

Can DNA Be Changed?

By CreationAdventurer | June 7, 2017

FROM CONCERNED PARENT: “14 years old of my son tells me DNA can be change.  Technically it can be? I believe that God made each person as a unique. If scientist can do that i think it is against God. These days my son watches the DC TV show and Marble movies. There are talking…

Were Dinosaurs Stronger Than Elephants?

By CreationAdventurer | June 7, 2017

FROM BECKY: “Hi, I am a 3rd grade teacher at a Christian School in NW Indiana.  My students were asking me this week if dinosaurs were stronger than elephants.  I had just run across this site recently, so I thought I would ask you what you know about this topic.  Thanks for giving children the…

Ancient Civilization Dates, Egyptian Chronologies and Dating Methods:

By CreationAdventurer | November 6, 2016

QUESTION:“My kids and I have been reading about ancient history with the Egyptians, Sumerians, etc. and the books we are using claim obviously inflated dates. They say the Chinese civilization dates back to 8,000BC and the pyramids date to 3,500 BC. My guess is that their assumptions are based on Carbon 14 dating and perhaps…

Why Did Dinosaurs Go Extinct?

By CreationAdventurer | September 25, 2016

BRIEF RESPONSE: Extinction is caused when DNA (Our Genetic Code of Life) degrades and loses information. When information is lost it causes functions in the body not to work at all, like a lung, or a brain cell, etc. DNA is always getting worse and worse. One day humans could even go extinct! The Global…

How Far Away Is The Star Betelgeuse In Light Years?

By CreationAdventurer | August 19, 2016

“Although 642.5 light years is listed for Betelgeuse, star distances are not known to quite this precision. I would give a distance of about 640 light years.” -Dr. Don Deyoung-      Dr. Donald B. DeYoung is an avid creation scientist and educator specializing in astronomy and physics. He chairs the Department of Science and Mathematics at Grace College in…

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Science Facts:

"There are over 100 Billion galaxies in the universe!"

"The word Universe is Latin for a Single Spoken Sentence"

The Kangaroo not only hops 4-6 feet per leap, but in a hurry can hop as fast as 50 MPH to 30 ft per bound and travel over 150 miles to find water in the Outback!

The Octopus has about 240 suction cups on each of its eight arms! nearly 2,000 suckers! And has control when they stick and release!

The Jackson Chameleon can zap an insect with his long tongue, have it in his mouth, and completely swallowed in less than one second! Talk about FAST FOOD!

The Sun is 400 times larger than our moon, yet the moon is 400 times closer! Which gives a perfect lunar eclipse and makes them appear the same in size.

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