Children Video Guidelines:

  • Attire and Appearance: Dress sharp look nice! Must be fully clothed at all times. Dress modestly. No cross-dressing please. (shirts and T-shirts with appropriate advertising please) dress as nice as you can for each video as the public will see you) dress up uniforms, and costumes are invited.
  • Costume requirements: Please no ghosts, goblins, or original fictitious characters. Have fun and dress up generally (astronaut, animal, dinosaur, professor, etc.)
  • Interviews with other people encouraged. (All being interviewed under age 18 must have written consent of parent.)
  • Must be polite and nice: not rude mean hateful or bashing to anyone in their dialogue
  • Be funny but not crude. Clean jokes only.
  • Examples illustrations and experiments encouraged but make sure that your parents approve.
  • When you upload images a parent or guardian must sign permission for you to be displayed on a public platform. (YouTube website facebook) etc.
  • Use the King James Bible when quoting verses please.
  • You must subscribe to be a part with your email and it is free.
  • All persons under age 18 must have parent or guardian sign for their involvement.
  • No language of any kind, slang phrases acceptable: “Oh my goodness,” “Oh my word” “No way” “seriously” Let's do a great job!
  • All videos need to be the best quality that you can possibly do. Use Iphones, or great quality video cameras.

What we will judge:

  1. Facts and Accuracy
  2. Quality of shoot
  3. Action and Attitude
  4. Creativity/Artistic
  5. Skill/professional
  6. Interaction and Attraction of the audience
  7. Examples/Illustrations/Experiments
  8. Location changes, props and other catching objects
  9. Research and level of education for the age group
  10. Complete project length and editing.

About KCC

A very special place for children to download photos slides, graphics and more to create videos for science that will be uploaded on the Kids Creation Cinema dashboard! Win prizes as well as being featured in the Kids Science Hall of Fame!
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